Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kitchen Update and our Newest Wonder Butter™ Product

Hello, Everybody! We do hope that life has been treating you well! I wanted to make sure I took a moment to check in and give a bit of an update on our progress here.

Work is continuing on the new bath and body kitchen we are building to improve production and efficiency for making our great Wonder Butter™ products. Progress was slowed way down when the scorching heat hit and dragged on for so long, but the temperatures have finally dropped a bit and we are back on it hard and heavy. It is still really hot, but not nearly so bad. I can hardly wait to get the kitchen finished! It will make it so much easier to get ALL of my Wonder Butter™ products back into production and back out there for you.

Through all of the moving we continued to make a few of our Wonder Butter™ products on request by our regular customers, but it just wasn't possible to keep every product in our Wonder Butter™ line made up. As some of you know, we have over 20 products, now in our Wonder Butter™ line! I can hardly wait to get them all back into production. Me, personally, I have especially been missing my Lotion Bars.

No matter how busy I seem to get, though, the creativity in me just never stops. I am 54 and really beginning to feel the effects of aging starting on my skin. From being outside most of the day around the farm, my face, arms, hands..... everything exposed, has really started feeling weathered. All of this inspired me to create yet another member of our Wonder Butter™ family.

All of our Wonder Butter™ products are fantastic! But I decided it was time to make one specifically for my weathered skin... one that was light enough that I could apply it several times a day if I wanted to, yet would also work great if you only applied it once a day if you were going to be indoors all day.  After countless hours, days, weeks of yet more research and development, I finally came up with my newest formula for the latest member of our Wonder Butter™ product line. We are now in the testing stages and will update and let you know how it is going and when it will be ready for sale. So far.... we are both absolutely loving it! My poison ivy covered body has been especially finding it soothing.

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Day! ! ! !

Friday, June 3, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Family and a Brand New Kitchen

Hello, Everybody! We want to thank everyone that has stuck with us through all of our big, long move. As some of you know, I had to move my farm, it was a very long, hairy, mind boggling adventure, and during the process, most of my Wonder Butter™ making supplies got packed up.

I continued to make my Wonder Butter™ products on a much smaller scale for anyone that wanted to purchase them, but I had to scale down a bit until we finished the move. I want to give an extra big THANK YOU to my regular customers that never missed placing their regular order... THANK YOU! ! !

We are now getting stuff unpacked and set back up to once again make my fantastic, entire line of Wonder Butter™ bath and body products, full scale. Not only are we setting back up, but we are clearing off land space and building a separate bath and body kitchen! We will then have one building all to itself where we can make all of my fun and fabulous products that you have grown to love and trust. This will be better in so many ways, including making production much more fast and efficient, which will result in getting your products to you much more quickly.

As we get back into full production, we will also have some great surprises ahead! During all of this lengthy move, I often had to take sit down breaks. Well, as many of you know, I can't just sit down and do nothing. So what did I do during some of my rest breaks? I continued to research and create NEW Wonder Butter™ formulas! Yes, there will be several fantastic new products joining the already large Wonder Butter™ family! We are really excited about these. We are sure you will be to.

So stay tuned, watch for the opening of our new kitchen and the launch of our new Wonder Butter™ products to our already big and beautiful Wonder Butter™ family.
Have a fantastic day and see you shortly! ! ! ! !


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


  Once again, I am battling to protect my Wonder Butter™ name, as someone thinks they can use it for a product they created almost identical to one of mine. This gets really old. People need to do a very deep research before they chose their product name.
Stay Tuned.   More details tonight.

Update:  Fortunately.... this was able to be resolved with minimal conflict. All is well again with the original and authentic Wonder Butter™ family!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Even Better Wonder Butter™ Lip Butter Formula!


I am updating and revising my already fantastic Wonder Butter™ Lip Butter formula. It will be ready just in time for those cold, blistery weather chapped lips. Check back often and I will let you know when it is ready! I can hardly wait myself!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The One, Only & Original Wonder Butter™

I, Anna, am the Original and ONLY creator of Wonder Butter™ natural bath and beauty products and more. I have spent years in the research and development of my product line., and I am proud of how my products have helped so many people have more comfortable daily lives, naturally.

I have trademarked and copyrighted the names Wonder Butter™ and Anna's Wonder Butter™. These names are my property, are solely for my use, and I have not given my permission to anyone else to use them. Unfortunately, someone in Georgia (supposedly) has recently begun using my Wonder Butter™ name. She DOES NOT have permission to use my Wonder Butter™ name and this will be legally dealt with. 

This person has created a product very similar to mine (same product concept) and is using my Wonder Butter name on her product. This IS NOT my Wonder Butter™. I am not associated with this person in any way, shape or form. She does not have permission to use my product concept, formulations, Wonder Butter™ name, nor anything else associated with my Wonder Butter™ products. My Wonder Butter™ products are the ORIGINAL and ONLY Wonder Butter™ products on the market. Any other products carrying the Wonder Butter name are illegal copies. I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know if you ever see one of these look-alike Wonder Butter products being sold anywhere, in any state. 

Thank you so much! And may Anna's Wonder Butter™ products bring your skin and body much joy and happiness!

Update: The situation appears to have been resolved. Thank you! 
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