Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wonder Butter™ takes another hit!

My Wonder Butter business is, once again, taking a hard blow that is drastically slowing down getting back up.

I will now be moving my entire business (and all of my businesses) to an entirely new location. Working out a deal on the land is in the works and I should have it very soon.

I will be starting my business back up, from the ground up. This will actually be a very good thing. I will keep you updated and informed all along the way and you will get to watch the progress from start to grand opening.

As many of you know, the majority of my Wonder Butter™ products are completely natural. In my new location, I will be able to add to that natural flare by also making some of my great, natural products totally off grid! Be sure and keep watching. It will be very interesting.

As Wonder Butter™ begins to unfold in its new location, I will also be doing some giveaways, both here and on Facebook, to introduce my viewers to all of my fun products. You won't want to miss them, so stay tuned!

 For those that are wondering, I will still be continuing my History of how Wonder Butter™ began series.
Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day!


Sunday, December 25, 2016





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Friday, November 18, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 6 Occupying Wait Time

As I said in Part 5 of Wonder Butter™ Beginnings, often times, we had long wait times (sometimes hours) for a computer with Internet so that I could get online to do my needed research to create my dream skin cream. When the wait times were short, it was actually a plus. That short wait time gave me just the right amount of time to get my two home schoolers started on their school work before I got online. Short wait times worked out very well, but we creatively made good use of our long wait times also.

First of all, there were several tables in the computer lab, surrounded by chairs. These tables and chairs were for people to sit at while they waited for their turn at a computer. You could grab a book and read while you waited (the non-fiction books were just to the left of the computer lab) or you could work one of the many, fun puzzles that were sitting in the middle of each table. Most of the time, I got the kids started on their school work, then grabbed a skin care type book off of the shelf and studied also, while I waited for my computer turn. But every now and then, we opted to let the studies go for an hour or so and have some quality time working a puzzle together!

No, I wasn't letting my kids skip out on their school time to play. Working puzzles are a great mind building tool (not to mention a great bonding activity as well, for my adopted kids and I) and I don't know about you, but all through my school years, I have worked many a puzzle while at school, so I felt no guilt about letting them take a bit of occasional time off from their studies to work a puzzle. Working those puzzles was so much fun, that the wait time for a computer passed quickly and the kids were in a better mood as they got back to task on their school work.

Other times, we spent our long wait times searching for books to check out to take home. My research into skin care and skin cream development didn't stop with just the little bit of online computer time I could get at the library. I also checked out countless books and took them home, where I spent countless hours every day reading, taking notes and studying in anticipation of creating a natural skin cream for my own skin needs. We also searched for, and checked out, great books for the kids' home school studies, as well as fun books that I could read them bedtime stories from. Little Brother wasn't always so enthused about our book searching adventures, so Sister, at times, kept very busy trying to keep little brother quiet and still (it was a library, remember) while I looked for our needed books. She was such a great help!

So you see, we never wasted a moment of our "wait time", be it long or short, when a computer wasn't immediately available upon our arrival at the library.

Stay Tuned for Part 7 of Wonder Butter™ Beginnings! Thank you for reading and have a FANTASTIC day!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 5 - Getting Computer Time

After pushing through all the obstacles and hurdles to finally make it to the library each and every time, we still had another challenge to face . . . . getting computer time! Each person that visited the library (and had a valid Muskogee Public Library card), was allowed two (2) one-hour sessions on the computers, per day. There were only a small handful of computers available to the public, and several of those were usually out-of-service on  any given day. Other home school students, college students, researchers, genealogists, etc, seemed to always have all the computers already occupied each time we arrived.

Once in awhile we would get lucky and get a computer immediately. We usually; however, had to go with the other option .... advance sign up for the next available computer. Sometimes that meant a wait of maybe only a few minutes, but other times, it meant a much longer wait, such as two hours!

That didn't mean you always got the computer you signed up for for both one hour sessions, either.  Sometimes you could register for the same computer for both sessions, but usually you had to sign up on one computer for one session, then another for the next session. Each one hour session was signed up for separately and the computer system assigned the computer numbers (each computer was numbered). This meant that after you got your notebooks, books, pens, pencils, and all your research supplies all spread out and was going really good by the end of that first hour, you had to scoop it all up when the timer on your computer ran out, get up, and move to another computer where you had to try to remember where you were at and start all over. You had to move your belongings and materials quickly, because someone else was usually waiting for the computer that your time just ran out on.  All this while also trying to contain two hyper, special needs, home-schooled children in a quiet library and keep them on task with their school work..  But I was determined. None of those hassles were going to stop me from getting my research done so that I could develop my first skin cream.

Thank you for stopping in and Stay Tuned for Part 6 where I discuss how we occupied our time during those long waits for a computer session.  Have a great day!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 4

A little more of my background . . . . .

In 'Part 3' I gave you a bit of my educational background. Now I will tell you a little bit about my personality type. Yes, it all fits into how creating my Wonder Butter™ products comes to me so naturally. Not easily, not without lots of hard work, and not without a few mistakes along the way, but naturally.

There seems to be a distinct personality type in my family that crops up here and there. I am so glad I am blessed with the honor of being one of them! Here is as close of a description as I can get:

We adore science! All types of sciences fascinate us. Our lives center around things that involve the sciences. My dad was a great lab technician, well remembered for his good works even decades after he was gone. My oldest daughter has always been fascinated with anything science related, did so well in the high school sciences that she even made it to the National Science Fair, did well, and is now an excellent science teacher. My middle son has always been fascinated with the sciences of engineering, architecture and of course, most of all, nature! When he is not busy at work using his great skills and creativity to design an enormous, beautiful structure, he is out in the most natural areas of our Earth exploring Nature. Other family members have a strong love of science as well. Science was one of my absolute favorite subjects all through my school years and I have used it all throughout my adult life. My love of science was a huge help when I became a Certified Nurses Assistant. I used my love of, and science knowledge to begin my "handmade" business, and I use it in everyday life around the farm. All of us not only 'liked' science as a kid, but it became a part of our life, a part of who we are/were, in our adulthood.

We are highly creative people!  All of us with this distinct personality type are, creative to the point our minds never seem to stop working. Ideas constantly run through our heads, 24/7, making it almost impossible to sleep at times for wanting to be up creating the latest idea in our heads. Often times we have so many ideas all at once, that they seem to be tumbling around on each other up there in our heads. We live life excited about the next thing we want to create while we are still working on the one we have in our hands. It's great!

We are very compassionate, helpful, giving people. We want to help the world and all that is in it! This is such a strong characteristic in our personality type that we often forget to take good enough care of ourselves because we are so busy trying to help everyone and everything else. Be it the homeless, children in need, the elderly, the lonely, the hungry, the sick, the poor, animals in need, the Earth, you name it, in our mind, heart and soul . . . we actively want to make it all better!

We are humorous! We are upbeat, ornery, we love to laugh and we love to make people laugh. It is a huge part of our personality, and somehow, I think that mixes very well with all of the other above personality traits.

We are unique! We like to do things our own way, not follow along with the crowd, the everyday, the mundane. We don't follow society's dictates in the way things are done. We instead stand firm and do things the way we think things should be done. Some call that stubborn and bull headed, ha, ha. We consider ourselves 'unique' and 'strong minded' . . . . a quality we feel is a good thing to possess.

We are problem solvers!  We see a problem, especially a problem that affects not only our self, but many other people as well and immediately our brain goes to work, searching, thinking, pondering of a way that we might resolve that problem. We all adore solving problems that will result in helping other people have a better, more smooth, more comfortable every day life.

All of the above characteristics roll together to form a personality type that is strong within my family. I am very proud to be one of them! I strongly feel that these characteristics (strong love of the sciences, creativity, humor, uniqueness, compassion, and problem solving) give me the inner, natural tools I need to create such a great product as my Wonder Butter™ bath, body and beauty line. As I create each and every product in my Wonder Butter™ product line, I pour not only my skills, knowledge and experiences into my creations, but also my personality, which gives my Wonder Butter™ line a unique personality of its own that will stand out above the rest.

Thank you for stopping in and taking time to read. Stay tuned for Part 5 in this series, and if you haven't already, be sure and read Parts 1 - 3 of Wonder Butter™ beginnings!
Have a beautiful day!

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