Tuesday, December 2, 2014


  Once again, I am battling to protect my Wonder Butter™ name, as someone thinks they can use it for a product they created almost identical to one of mine. This gets really old. People need to do a very deep research before they chose their product name.
Stay Tuned.   More details tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Even Better Wonder Butter™ Lip Butter Formula!


I am updating and revising my already fantastic Wonder Butter™ Lip Butter formula. It will be ready just in time for those cold, blistery weather chapped lips. Check back often and I will let you know when it is ready! I can hardly wait myself!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The One, Only & Original Wonder Butter™

I, Anna, am the Original and ONLY creator of Wonder Butter™ natural skin care products and more. I have spent years in the research and development of my product line. And I am proud of how my products have helped so many people have more comfortable daily lives, naturally.

I have trademarked the names Wonder Butter™ and Anna's Wonder Butter™. These names are my property, are solely for my use, and I have not given my permission to anyone else to use them. Unfortunately, someone in Georgia (supposedly) has recently begun using my Wonder Butter™ name. She DOES NOT have permission to use my Wonder Butter™ name and this will be legally dealt with. 

This person has created a product very similar to mine (same product concept) and is using my Wonder Butter name on her product. This IS NOT my Wonder Butter™. I am not associated with this person in any way, shape or form. She does not have permission to use my product concept, formulations, Wonder Butter™ name, nor anything else associated with my Wonder Butter™ products. My Wonder Butter™ products are the ORIGINAL and ONLY Wonder Butter™ products on the market. Any other products carrying the Wonder Butter name are illegal copies. I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know if you ever see one of these look-alike Wonder Butter products being sold anywhere, in any state. 

Thank you so much! And may Anna's Wonder Butter™ products bring your skin and body much joy and happiness!

Update: The situation appears to have been resolved. Thank you! 


I need to take a moment to explain the difference between the name of my product line and the name of each, individual product, to clear up a little confusion some people have had.

Wonder Butter™ is my BRAND name. Wonder Butter™ is the name given to my entire line of products. Within my Wonder Butter™ brand name are many product names/types such as, Original Skin Cream, Extra Healing Skin Cream, Topical Pain Relief, Vapor Therapy, Anti-Cellulite Butter, Lip Butter, Lip Balm, Lotion Candle, Lotion Bar, a variety of soaps, and the list goes on, along with new products that are always in the works. 

As with  many other brands, one starts out with one product and grows from there. Often times that first product is what people instantly think of when they hear mention of your brand name, thus considering the brand name, the product name. Each person develops their favorite product with that product line and often times, when they hear the brand name, their favorite product comes to mind, associating only that product with the brand name and forgetting there are other products in the line. This is a common occurrence.One great example would be Clorox. Clorox is a brand name with many products under that brand name. Yet when most people hear the word Clorox, they instantly think of bleach. But bleach is simply one of a host of products carried under the brand name of Clorox.

So once again, Wonder Butter™ is my BRAND name, with a large array of natural products listed under my Wonder Butter™ brand name, most of which are skin care products. I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonder Butter™ Qualifications

   As many of my regular customers can tell you, I make an array of products from soaps, to lotions, to candles, to knits, and so much more. So what qualifies one of my products to make it into my Wonder Butter™ line, you might ask?

   All of my Wonder Butter™ products have one common denominator, Unrefined Shea Butter. Shea Butter, in its UNREFINED state, contains a multitude of healing properties and antioxidants. I have been so impressed by the healing properties of this natural substance that I decided that I had to include it in all of my Wonder Butter™ products. When Shea Butter has been  processed and refined, it loses much of it's healing properties, while often absorbing and holding traces of the chemicals used in its refining process. But completely natural, UNREFINED Shea Butter holds a wealth of healing properties, and only Unrefined Shea Butter will be found in my Wonder Butter™ products.

Of course, other top quality, natural ingredients are also included in my Wonder Butter™ formulas. Most of my formulas also include Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, which is also loaded with antioxidants and healing properties. The majority of my Wonder Butter™ products are also 100% natural and all of them are over 90% natural. The only thing that might occasionally be added that would break from my 100% natural formulas would be flavoring, fragrance or color. Occasionally a customer may request fragrances, flavors, or even coloring, that are not completely natural. Then if that requested product catches on or generates enough interest, I will leave it in my line. But the base of my formulas will always be COMPLETELY natural, while still providing numerous, unbelievable healing properties.

If you see the Wonder Butter™ label on any of my products, you can be certain that you will find natural unrefined Shea Butter in the ingredient list.