Friday, September 23, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 4

A little more of my background . . . . .

In 'Part 3' I gave you a bit of my educational background. Now I will tell you a little bit about my personality type. Yes, it all fits into how creating my Wonder Butter™ products comes to me so naturally. Not easily, not without lots of hard work, and not without a few mistakes along the way, but naturally.

There seems to be a distinct personality type in my family that crops up here and there. I am so glad I am blessed with the honor of being one of them! Here is as close of a description as I can get:

We adore science! All types of sciences fascinate us. Our lives center around things that involve the sciences. My dad was a great lab technician, well remembered for his good works even decades after he was gone. My oldest daughter has always been fascinated with anything science related, did so well in the high school sciences that she even made it to the National Science Fair, did well, and is now an excellent science teacher. My middle son has always been fascinated with the sciences of engineering, architecture and of course, most of all, nature! When he is not busy at work using his great skills and creativity to design an enormous, beautiful structure, he is out in the most natural areas of our Earth exploring Nature. Other family members have a strong love of science as well. Science was one of my absolute favorite subjects all through my school years and I have used it all throughout my adult life. My love of science was a huge help when I became a Certified Nurses Assistant. I used my love of, and science knowledge to begin my "handmade" business, and I use it in everyday life around the farm. All of us not only 'liked' science as a kid, but it became a part of our life, a part of who we are/were, in our adulthood.

We are highly creative people!  All of us with this distinct personality type are, creative to the point our minds never seem to stop working. Ideas constantly run through our heads, 24/7, making it almost impossible to sleep at times for wanting to be up creating the latest idea in our heads. Often times we have so many ideas all at once, that they seem to be tumbling around on each other up there in our heads. We live life excited about the next thing we want to create while we are still working on the one we have in our hands. It's great!

We are very compassionate, helpful, giving people. We want to help the world and all that is in it! This is such a strong characteristic in our personality type that we often forget to take good enough care of ourselves because we are so busy trying to help everyone and everything else. Be it the homeless, children in need, the elderly, the lonely, the hungry, the sick, the poor, animals in need, the Earth, you name it, in our mind, heart and soul . . . we actively want to make it all better!

We are humorous! We are upbeat, ornery, we love to laugh and we love to make people laugh. It is a huge part of our personality, and somehow, I think that mixes very well with all of the other above personality traits.

We are unique! We like to do things our own way, not follow along with the crowd, the everyday, the mundane. We don't follow society's dictates in the way things are done. We instead stand firm and do things the way we think things should be done. Some call that stubborn and bull headed, ha, ha. We consider ourselves 'unique' and 'strong minded' . . . . a quality we feel is a good thing to possess.

We are problem solvers!  We see a problem, especially a problem that affects not only our self, but many other people as well and immediately our brain goes to work, searching, thinking, pondering of a way that we might resolve that problem. We all adore solving problems that will result in helping other people have a better, more smooth, more comfortable every day life.

All of the above characteristics roll together to form a personality type that is strong within my family. I am very proud to be one of them! I strongly feel that these characteristics (strong love of the sciences, creativity, humor, uniqueness, compassion, and problem solving) give me the inner, natural tools I need to create such a great product as my Wonder Butter™ bath, body and beauty line. As I create each and every product in my Wonder Butter™ product line, I pour not only my skills, knowledge and experiences into my creations, but also my personality, which gives my Wonder Butter™ line a unique personality of its own that will stand out above the rest.

Thank you for stopping in and taking time to read. Stay tuned for Part 5 in this series, and if you haven't already, be sure and read Parts 1 - 3 of Wonder Butter™ beginnings!
Have a beautiful day!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 3

Science . . . . . it has always been one of my favorite subjects. Good thing! In order to develop my dream skin cream for my aging skin, it was going to take a LOT of scientific study and research, which I was no stranger to.

I had taken several advanced science classes throughout jr. high, high school (college level), and on into college and loved every one of them. Those classes involved lots of lab time, as well as research time. I loved every minute of it! Then there were the science fair projects. I so looked forward to those! They involved countless hours of research, lab work, and often times interviewing and/or "testing" other humans to get results for my science projects. Then there was logging all of that information, analyzing it, then coming up with a conclusion. It was the best! As a teenager, I even enjoyed all that science work better than TV or talking on the phone. I just loved making discoveries and creating new things that would benefit me and other people.

Embarking on the possibility of creating a new skin cream that would meet my needs, and hopefully the needs of countless others, creating a product that might work equally as well (naturally) as the chemical laden products did, was like the biggest and best "science fair project" I had ever jumped into in my life! I was alive with excitement and eagerness! I was so glad to have all of that science experience behind me.  It was a huge help in knowing how and where to begin. 

As an added bonus in my new endeavor of scientific studies, it also all became some great new science material for my kids' home school studies. It was a win - win all the way around.

Thanks for dropping in and reading!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 2

"There must be a better way to improve my aging skin without all the harsh reactions and side effects of chemical laden skin creams and anti-wrinkle creams."
And so, the science loving me began the journey, to find a much more natural and gentle way to improve my aging skin . . .

As I said in a previous post, I had just divorced and became a single mom. Some of our children were grown and out on their own, one spent half of his time with each of us, but two of our children were "special needs" and required an enormous amount of care. "Dad" had washed his hands of our two special needs children, leaving their 24/7 care solely to me. We had adopted them together, both of us knowing they were extreme special needs, knowing that they had been classified as "unadoptable", yet here I was, single, and caring for them on my own. The public school system could not meet their needs, either, so in addition to their difficult care needs, I was also fully homeschooling them.

We did not have Internet then in our home. To use the Internet we had to make the long trip in to the nearest big town (approximately 30 miles round trip) to use the Library's Internet. But I needed the Internet and access to the countless books, references, etc. for my skin cream research, and my two young ones needed same for their home schooling. The public library then became my office/research center and my children's home school.

Getting to the public library at least two or three days a week wasn't as simple as it may sound.  We did have a small farm, farm chores had to be done before we could leave for the day, and, as anyone that has ever raised extreme special needs children knows . . . . .  'things' happen, 'things' come up, the 'unexpected' is to always be 'expected'. Getting up, sticking to schedule, then getting from point A to Point B isn't always the simple task that most would think it would be. Sometimes, getting from Point A (home) to Point B (the library) seemed like the total impossibility that might never happen. But I was determined! I knew that if I could come up with a natural skin cream that would improve my skin without all the harsh side effects of many of the commercial concoctions, that not only "I" would be happy, but countless people all over the World might be happy as well! So I pushed through all the difficulties, made it to that library several days a week, and began my intense research and studies ... right alongside my two youngest children with their home school studies.

Thanks for stopping in.  Stay tuned for Part 3!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Wonder Butter™ Beginnings - Part 1

The construction of our new Bath and Body kitchen is coming along nicely. In projects like this, though, something always comes along to slow things down, but we are still progressing and I can hardly wait for it to be finished! I look forward to getting all of my great Wonder Butter™products back on the shelves and in our online stores.

While we are constructing our new kitchen, I am going to take the opportunity to tell the story of the beginning of  Wonder Butter™ . . . . .  why I created this wonderful, natural skin loving butter and how Wonder Butter™ grew into an entire, very large, product line. Here we go . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It was early in the year of 2003. After more than 20 years of marriage, I had just gone through a very long, extremely emotional, super high stress, exhausting beyond words divorce. The emotional strain, extreme lack of sleep, and off the charts stress took a huge tole on my skin. People tend to forget that our skin is our largest organ and all of these factors have a huge effect on it. We really should be much kinder to our skin throughout all of our life, not wait until we start seeing the tell tale signs.

I began noticing that small lines were starting to form at the outer corners of my eyes, across my cheeks, forehead, and here and there all around my face. I also noticed that my skin on my face had become very course and rough. This horrified me! I was barely 40, starting life over as a single mom, and I suddenly felt like I looked like an old lady!  So what did I do?

The next time I was in town running errands, I purchased my first jar of . . . . anti-wrinkle cream! I could hardly wait to get home with that new little jar of  "magic". Once home, I sat right down with my new skin cream that I had high hopes for, carefully read the instructions, eagerly opened the jar and applied it all over my face, exactly as the instructions stated. I was excited and had such high expectations for that little jar of skin cream.

In just a matter of minutes my face began to feel strange . . . . . . then my face began to burn . . . . the burning grew and grew . . . . . then hard pain set into my face. I ran to look in the mirror and my face was so red and swollen it looked like it would begin bleeding at any moment! Did I apply it incorrectly? What did I do wrong?

I read everything on the jar again, over and over and over ..... no, I had done everything correctly. Over the next week, I tried that anti-wrinkle cream a couple of more times, each time getting the same, horrific results, except that it was worse each and every time. I started to research to see what the problem might be. Everything I came up with seemed to suggest that the reaction I was getting was fairly common among anti-wrinkle creams. COMMON?!?!?!? No way! That just couldn't be right. Turned out, as I understood from my research, that many of the commercial anti-wrinkle creams on the market work by sloughing off, burning off, etc, the old, the damaged and the dead skin cells on your skin/face to get down to the fresh, new skin underneath. Oh, my . . . . there just had to be a better way. And so, my journey to find that better way began.

Stay tuned for "Part 2" of Wonder Butter™ Beginnings 

Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Wonder Butter™ name thief! This time in Louisiana!

Does it ever stop?! When you come up with a great product name and place it on a great product that you have so painstakingly created, are people going to forever be trying to steal your product concept and product name?!  It gets old, but I will continue to fight the battle to protect my Wonder Butter™ product name.

I, Anna M. Watts, am the Original and ONLY creator of Wonder Butter™ natural bath, body and beauty products and more. I have spent years in the research and development of my product line., and I am proud of how my products have helped so many people have more comfortable daily lives, naturally.

I have trademarked and copyrighted the names Wonder Butter™ and Anna's Wonder Butter™. These names are my property, are solely for my business use, and I have not given my permission to anyone else to use them. Yet once again, someone else has stolen my Wonder Butter™ product name and concept combo and are attempting to pass it off as their own! These people are Kevin Holden, Georgia Holden and Jade Holden (business based at: 36510 Court Ave., Prairieville, LA, 70769, 805-443-7273 - strange, that is a California number) and they  DO NOT have permission to use my Wonder Butter™ name, nor product concept, and this will be dealt with! Their Wonder Butter product is an imposter and is in no way associated with me nor my high quality Wonder Butter™ product line. I have asked them to cease using my Wonder Butter™ product name and they have refused. They have refused to communicate with me and are also blocking me from every place I attempt communication with them. None of this is acceptable!

I have poured my heart, sole and energies into creating and building my Wonder Butter™ products over a period of well over a decade. I will not sit by and allow anyone to take any part of it. And I will not let anyone tarnish my Wonder Butter™ name with an inferior imposter/copycat product. I am very proud of the top quality Wonder Butter™ family of products I have created with its countless product members. I look forward to continuing the growth of my great customer base and the growth of my already large Wonder Butter™ product line.

This, this, this, this, and this  ARE NOT my Wonder Butter™. I am not associated with these people in any way, shape or form. None of them (Georgia Holden, Kevin Holden, Jade Holden, Alison Holden, Just Three LLC, anyone connected to them, Hola Nola Foods, nor anyone else) have permission to use my product concept, formulations, Wonder Butter™ name, nor anything else associated with my Wonder Butter™ products. MY Wonder Butter™ products are the ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC,  and ONLY Wonder Butter™ products on the market. Any other bath, body, beauty, skin care, and the like, products carrying the Wonder Butter / Wonder Butter™ name are imposters, copy cats, frauds, etc. . I would greatly appreciate it if you, my valued readers and customers, would let me know if you ever see one of these look-alike, imposter Wonder Butter / Wonder Butter™ products being sold anywhere, in any state.  I take great pride it the fact that my Wonder Butter™ line carries a very positive reputation. I do not want that reputation marred by anyone!

Thank you so much! And may My, Anna's Wonder Butter™ products bring your skin and body much joy and happiness!
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